What kind of foodie are you?

In 2017, we launched our personalised guide service. The service intends to provide foodie locals and visitors with exactly the guides they needed, rather than just serving up a generic "10 places to eat and drink in Copenhagen" list.

As a customer, you fill out a series of questions, and based on what you answer, we put together a guide, just for you. 

Perhaps you're obsessed with pasta and you want a guide that takes you around the best pasta Copenhagen has to offer. It could also be a complete mix of bakeries, wine bars, fancy restaurants and greasy late night takeouts.


Launch party x Irma

We launched the project with a fantastic event at Villa Kultur, in collaboration with Irma, who sponsored the ingredients for the food and drink. We centred the event around the question 'What kind of foodie are you?'.

When the guests arrived, they had to choose or design their identity for the evening, inspired by the name tags surrounding the mirror. Throughout the evening, guests could read about our six foodie "types" on the walls of the orangery, and when they left, they could take a goodie bag from the tree—filled with recommendations and snacks specifically for their foodie type.


Christmas special

For Christmas 2017, we began to offer gift-wrapped guides as well as our usual digital guides. This is where, if you want to give a personal gift to a foodie friend, you tell us a bit about your friend, and we create a guide for themprinted on beautiful paper, sewn together with golden thread, and served in a golden envelope.


On a break

N.B. You cannot currently order a personalised guide. We are currently taking a break, as it proved to be a lot of work for us, and we're unable to manage it alongside everything else we have going on. We may bring them back again someday, in some shape or form!

In the meantime, if you need recommendations for where to eat and drink in Copenhagen, checkout our Instagram or purchase our book.