Mad About Copenhagen was founded in 2014. We do projects with food, people and Copenhagen.

Our humble vision is that everyone who steps foot into Copenhagen (or already has their feet there) should appreciate and experience the city’s food scene to its fullest extent.

Psst. to our international readers: "mad" is Danish for "food"

mad /’mað/ n. food; en ~ a sandwich; -en er færdig dinner/lunch is ready; give fuglene ~ feed the birds; lave ~ a) cook (fx learn how to cook); b) do the cooking (fx he does the cooking).

A Night of Madness

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Our team is small, simple and adapts seasonally. All our team members are sourced as locally as possible and we are 90-100% organic.

Hazel Evans, Mad About Copenhagen



Egg nerd, perpetually sweet toothed, full of bizarre British phrases no one else understands - Hazel is the creative little nut of Mad About Copenhagen.


Antonio Hancke Rosado, Mad About CopenhagenAntonio


Apart from his penchant for seriously good wine and “the world’s best olives”, Antonio is the guy who keeps us on track, together, and always doing the right thing.


Helen Fodnaess, Mad About CopenhagenHelen


When she's not in her kitchen fermenting things, she's out eating brunch or sipping wine somewhere in the city. Helen is our devoted recipe developer and restaurant researcher.

Marie Houlberg Abildhauge Olesen, Mad About Copenhagen



Italian at heart (actually Danish), her homemade ravioli has been known to make even the most hardy of men fall at their feet. Marie tackles all things business like the bad bitch she is.


Sofia Lin Mogensen, Mad About CopenhagenSofia


A sassy señorita who speaks five languages fluently, Sofia splits her time between being a badass Mad account manager, juggling melons and cooking up Italian delights in her kitchen.


You, Mad About CopenhagenYou?

We’re often looking for talented babies to work with on various creative projects. If you have an idea or want to pitch us a project, contact us.