During the summer of 2018, we hosted two regular foodie tours for visitors to Copenhagen, via AirBnb experiences. 'Off The Eaten Track' and 'Wake Up And Smell The Danish Pastry'.

Off The Eaten Track
The food scene is always changing and no guided tour of it is the same. Depending on the season, the latest openings, and what we feel like, this experience is where we introduce you to some of the most interesting, hardest to find, culinary bites of Copenhagen.
Wake Up And Smell The Danish Pastry'
Start your day the way the Danes do - with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee from your local roaster, a freshly baked pastry (or two) and plenty of hygge. We are as about as nerdy as you can get about this stuff, and we'll take you to meet the best bakers and coffee makers, and eat some of the famously good pastry on offer in Denmark.

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