A big fat coffee-table book for anyone living in Copenhagen (or in love with it from afar) who considers themself a foodie. Mad About Copenhagen celebrates the madness of Copenhagen's food scene via portraits, personal stories, essays and a few recipes thrown in for good measure.
Published October 2018, by Spine Publishing
352 pages, English, ISBN: 978-87-970808-0-1
1st edition of 3,000 copies (now SOLD OUT!)
Stocked at Louisiana, New Mags, Illums Bolighus, Magasin, ARKEN and Papercut, to name a few.
We first started talking about writing a book in September 2016. Mad About Copenhagen had existed online for a couple of years—primarily as a “quality gossip column” devoted to the ever-evolving food scene in Copenhagen—and the three of us—Hazel, Marie and Antonio—had recently got together and decided to “do something” with our internet food baby.
Only we felt that the internet wasn’t where we wanted to spend our time and energy. We had this impressive social media following, but none of us were particularly keen on the idea of turning it into a social media business. Instead, we decided to use our online influence for good—namely, to get people away from their screens and closer to the food they eat, the people they eat it with and the people who make it.
Our book is one of many projects that we set out to do with those goals in mind. In March 2017, we kicked off in style. We hosted A night of Madness for our friends—some in the food industry, some not—and put pieces of paper under everyone’s plate, on which we asked them to write down all the places, people, dishes or drinks that they thought deserved a chapter in this book. We asked our online audience for their suggestions, too. Then we got to work.
However, projects like this rarely pan out as easily as hoped. A year later, we found ourselves very nearly giving up on the book, having come up against the might of the publishing industry and the huge costs involved in book production. We had been struggling for what-felt-like-forever to make this book a reality, but decided to give it one last chance. We handed the decision over to you and said: if we are able to raise enough money via crowdfunding to make and print the first edition of the Mad About Copenhagen book, we’ll do it.
Needless to say, it worked! On Thursday 12th April, we succeeded with our Kickstarter campaign and raised DKK 181,460 to fund our book project. This book wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for all of you who supported us, from the very start of the process to the sweet, sweet end (which is really only the beginning). Thank you for believing in us, and for helping us bring this book to life.
It's a big fat coffee-table book, full of in-depth stories, interviews and recipes about 47 of Copenhagen's maddest cocktail bars, bakeries, greasy late-night munchies, rooftop farms, beekeepers, coffee shops, traditional Danish eateries, soup kitchens, high-end restaurants, pizzerias and wineries.
We officially released the book on Tuesday 30th October 2018, and spent the following months hosting pop-ups, markets and events (including our shop on Jægersborggade, Broens Jul and Fucking Toast, Fucking Strong Negronis and Fucking Book Signing) to promote it.

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