At this very Mad edition of Villa Fridays—a regular Friday bar spot at Villa Kultur where members of the house host a themed evening for the public—we invited you to spread Mad Love over each other, in a very particular and peculiar way. It went something like this:
"Fear not, your clothes won't be covered in butter by the end of the night; our love-spreading activity takes a less sticky form (it does involve stickers though). However, there will be some human-on-human action and you may have to talk to strangers. That is all we'll say for now. The rest you will discover at the door.
This event, apart from being a chance to unleash your inhibitions and spread love, is also an ideal opportunity to peruse and/or purchase the Mad About Copenhagen book—a.k.a. the perfect Christmas present for the one you love the most.
Not to mention the usual madness: delicious drinks at excellent prices, cheesy snacks, beautiful women, handsome men, clichéd love songs and probably some snacks hanging from a tree.
Entrance is free but you are absolutely obliged to buy lots of drinks at the bar, in order to validate your attendance."

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